Week 6 – Procrastination

Let us talk procrastination…. We ALL do it; some are better at it than others 😊 This week on our weekly webinar we discussed procrastination, and this was a ‘light bulb’ moment for me. I have been known to procrastinate on MANY occasions…. Just have a look at my blog, we are required to submit our weekly blog by Friday night, I am seriously sitting down at my laptop on Friday at like 8pm to work on it and get it published! Because I know I NEED to do it as it is due!! For me that’s procrastination. I have had ALL week to do it and I just DON’T!

During our weekly webinar a quote that stood out for me was ‘All we are doing is giving problems to our future self.’ And HOLLY MOLY, how true is this? I have never looked at it this way before and it totally changes my perspective on procrastinating. To the point that when I find myself doing it, I am going to call it! I call BS and I am going to go and DO IT NOW! Why? Because my future self will not only Thank Me for Doing It NOW, but I also will not be ADDING MORE things to my future self’s ‘To Do’ list!

I’m a HUGE list writer, I write lists for EVERYTHING, I love the satisfaction of crossing the task off when its completed and the joy of throwing the list in the bin when its ALL finally complete. When my procrastination sets in, I find myself being ‘picky’ about which things on my list I want to do. OR I will start a whole NEW list just to avoid the task I do NOT want to do. But really what is that doing for me???

It is making my current self not accountable and creating extra work for my future self. I get the task done eventually and 90% of the time, I complete the task and go ‘that wasn’t so bad, why did I put it off for SO long?’ And WHY did I put it off? Because my Blueprint I have created tells me I do not want to do it, its going to be hard, I do not have the time, Ill do it tomorrow. ALL LIES!!! I call it! BS

My new Blueprint I am creating does not have time for procrastination. Procrastination will no longer that over my life! Will it be easy to change this? NO! Am I aware of what I am doing? Yes! But I know by taking the small steps of recognizing when I am procrastinating and changing what I am doing to what NEEDS to be done. I CAN and WILL overcome my old Blueprint of procrastinating.

Procrastination has no place in my new life. DO IT NOW is my new motto!

Week 5 – ‘I form new habits and become their slave’

This week brings us to the end of my first month of the MKE program. We have been reading Scroll I from ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino’ and on Sunday we will move onto Scroll II. I am looking forward to seeing what Scroll II has in store.

We were asked to note down one sentence from Scroll I to carry forward and read with the second Scroll. The sentence I chose was “I form new habits and become their slave.”

What does this mean? In Scroll I we learn that we have habits (or patterns) and our habits are not always “good” habits. It is our “bad” habits that stop us from fulfilling our true potential. So, how do we form “good” habits to override our “bad” habits? Well, lucky for us only a habit can subdue another habit. So, by creating a NEW “good” habit and becoming its slave we override our bad habits which bring us closer to our true desire in life.

Overriding a “bad” habit is not an easy task, one must discipline themselves to stay true to the new “good” habit.

What is our NEW “good” habit that Scroll I is teaching us? It is about reading the same passage for 30 days, 3 times a day BUT the most important part is when you read it of a night before bed, you MUST read it aloud, and your reading must be the LAST thing you do before retiring to sleep. WHY? Because our subconscious mind is ALWAYS working, 24 hours a day, 7 days a

Picture from Google Images

week. When we are awake, asleep, daydreaming, it is ON and working ALL the time. It is particularly important to be feeding our subconscious mind with good & positive thoughts.

Another interesting fact I have learnt about our subconscious mind is that you can ‘trick’ it to believe anything, and the most effective way to do this is to read aloud. What you say out loud is believed by your subconscious mind. Therefore by reading out load right before you retire to bed is feeding your subconscious mind with what you want it to manifest.

Read those affirmation cards, goals, dreams out loud BEFORE bed and with enthusiasm and watch your subconscious mind go to work. What you think about you bring about!

Week 4 – The Ugly Brown Couch

This week we made some changes to our Cue Cards, one minor change was that we changed the name of one of our cards from our Chore card to our Service card. Now this does not seem like a lot or a big difference BUT when you are trying to change your Blueprint of how your mind works this is a HUGE change.

My view on our Chore/Service Card is to help ‘train’ our mind to connect tasks, no matter how big and small they are, with daily promises to create GOOD Habits. I am to read my Service card out EVERY day, twice a day I think, (I’ve been reading it twice, let’s hope that’s right) to remind our self to complete our task/service. The actual task is irrelevant, right now it is about building Good Habits around completing your ‘promises’ made to yourself.

My task this week was to tidy up our Rumpus Room upstairs. Let me paint you a picture, upstairs we only have our bedrooms and the rumpus room, so it does not get used very often and when people visit us, we always stay downstairs in the living area. So, the rumpus room becomes a dumping ground for things that need to be put away, but I never have the time ‘right now’ to do it. It’s also where all our clean laundry goes ‘to be folded.’ I call this our Python of Clothes.

Before moving into our home, we lived in a very small unit, we didn’t have a lot of furniture and when we moved here, we brought all new furniture because it was our first special family home. We went from a small 2-bedroom home to a HUGE 4+ bedroom home, not ever room had furniture and we were ok with that because we knew it was a process. Any way I am getting to the point just bear with me for a little longer. In our unit we had a dodgy UGLY brown fold out

The Ugly Brown Couch

couch which worked fine and was ok BUT I did NOT want this couch to come with us, but Brendan did. His thinking was ‘we need to have a couch in the rumpus room so let’s put it there until we get one’ For some reason I agreed to this and have regretted it ever since.

I watched the removalists maneuver this heavy, brown ugly couch up or brand-new wooden staircase and was thinking ‘how are we going to get this down!’  Fast forward a month or 2 and we found the PERFECT couch for a good price for our rumpus room!! So now we have the ugly brown couch and our new beautiful couch there, both just being used as a dumping ground for things that we need to put away but are too lazy to put away right at that moment.

Fast forward another 3 years and we get to this week’s tasks of tiding the Rumpus Room! Well I got started with the Python of Clothes that needed to be folded and put away. All while looking at the ugly brown couch and it got the better of me! I called for reinforcements, my dad came over with a sledgehammer, crowbar and saw and we dismantled that couch!!! And by

Let the FUN begin

dismantle, I mean DISTROYED it!! We broke it into pieces so we could get it downstairs and out of my house!! And boy did it feel good!!! The small task of tiding up the rumpus room has made something SO much bigger happen. I have been walking past the ugly brown couch for OVER 3 YEARS saying, ‘we need to do something about THAT couch’ and this week I made it happen! And within an hour of making that decision, the ugly brown couch was out of my house!!!

Getting it DONE!

Now when I read my service card and see this weeks task of ‘Tidy Rumpus Room’ I have the immense feeling of satisfaction of knowing that I have not only completed that task but I have removed the Ugly Brown Couch from our house and lives forever!! It just makes me smile even thinking about it. We have so much more space and it is a joy to walk through now and I’m sure will be used more often as well.

Gone forever!

If you have an “Ugly Brown Couch” in your life, get rid of it! Make it happen and remove it from your house and life because it feels good to have it gone and it’s freeing. For the past 3+ years I have been wanting to do it but just never done now and now that it’s gone, I feel at peace and can move on to the next task. So, look out world I’m coming!!

Week 3 – The Stretch…

This week has seemed to be my ‘stretch’ week. It all has felt overwhelming, too much and too hard. Almost to the point where if I had an out, I would have taken it like 3 times TONIGHT!!

I have felt stretched with my daily readings this week, finding my inner peace to sit for 15 min, without moving and trying to train my thoughts to not pop into my space during that 15 min and refining my Definite Major Purpose (DMP). My DMP is my purpose in life, how I want my life to look, it is like the script to MY movie I call Life.

Sounds easy yeah?? That’s what I thought too. I’ve been working on mine for the past 3 weeks along with my Guide Darren. It all started out great, I got what I wanted out on paper, which is really hard for me. If you have ever received a birthday card/card from me that has more than the standard ‘Happy Birthday I hope you have a wonderful day’ SAVE IT!! Like go to the framing place and get that Framed because they are RARE!!! One of my Love Languages is ‘Gift Giving’ I LOVE buying presents/gifts for family and friends, I put a lot of thought into them and love the process of finding the perfect gift for them. I then get to their card and seriously spend 3 days trying to figure out what to write, how do I say what I mean and feel?? And then after the 3 days I still have not figured it out, so I get Miss 4-year-old to draw a pic in it and we are done. Moral of that story is I STRUGGLE to find the words to express how I feel. They just are not there and my DMP is WORDS, WORDS about how I feel and what I want and why I want them and by when??? ARRRRRR inside my head I’m going RUN!!! RUN FAST AND DON’T LOOK BACK!

Pic from Google Images

So why am I still here?? Because I can not let that part of me win anymore! I need to take control, that is why I’m here, doing the Master Key Experience, to create new GOOD habits to replace my old BAD habits that no longer serve me. Did I get it done? For this week YES. Is it perfect? NO. Will I need to revise it next week? YES! But it is all part of the process of stretching and growing. Its stretching me WAY outside my comfort zone. Am I ok with this? Right now, NO, but I know its for the Good and that nothing happens inside your comfort zone, because if it did, we would all have what our hearts desire. It is the people who step outside their comfort zone that grow and achieve all their hearts desires, and that is where I want to be. So, I have a little pity party, call a friend for support (she just told me the same thing my Guide had already said but in other words) and get it done!

And for this week I have almost completed all my tasks, all that remain are my daily readings. Which I know I can do and will continue to do them because I have been doing them for the past 3 weeks.

So, until next week I hope you have a day.

Mel xoxoxo

Week 2 – Finding My Feet

So, we are into Week 2 of the MKE and I am still trying to find my feet. Which is normal for me, it will take me a couple of weeks to find my groove.

This week I have continued to read Scroll One from ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’ by Og Mandino, which I am required to read 3 times a day. First thing in the morning, then after lunch/midday and then last thing of a night. Of an evening we need to read out loud. I enjoy reading, but I enjoy reading to myself, not so much out loud. BUT I have discovered that reading my Scroll out loud actually helps put little Miss M to sleep. I am not sure if it is because she finds it “Boring” (her words by the way) or if it is the fact that listening helps calm her and allows her to switch off. It may also be that we are not reading her favorite book ‘Hooray for Fish’ by Lucy Cousins. (NOW that book I can read to you right now without the actual book in front of me, that is how many times I have read it.)

Blue RectangleThis week we also had to list a ‘Chore’ we wanted to get done by the end of the week and we linked the chore a BLUE Rectangle. And throughout the day we were to look for Blue Rectangles that were all around us, like street signs, the sign at the Vet was a Blue rectangle, I am sure you get the picture. My Chore was to Vacuum our house, now this is a task I do not enjoy doing. I know I NEED to do it, but I put it off SO much and I know I should just do. Once it is done, I do love the feeling of my clean floors. Any way I got a little off track then, sorry. I personally hadn’t noticed any or many Blue Rectangles earlier in the week BUT what I did find is as soon as I had completed my chore, I saw them EVERYWHERE and I mean everywhere. What I found great about seeing them, is that when I saw them, I had the satisfaction of knowing that my chore was DONE. So, it was kind of like a little burst of happiness inside of me going off. It made me feel good and I was saying to myself ‘YES I did my chore’ and was even high-5’ing myself for a job well done. Now I completed my Chore on Wednesday, so since Wednesday, every time I’ve seen a Blue Rectangle I’ve been filling ‘my cup’ up with little words of encouragement and self-praise. I am sure you can imagine how good that has made me feel and I’ve been looking for Blue Rectangles just so I can give myself a pat on my back.

What have I got from this week? Well I have just realized while writing this blog entry that I need to give myself more of those ‘pats on the back’ because I know I am doing an amazing job and the best I can do and I know you are as well. So take a moment and give yourself a pat on YOUR back for that job well done, because I now you did the best you could and we need to praise ourselves MORE for the amazing work we do. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is. Hey, it may have been that your kids are all alive & fed today (we have ALL had those days). Give yourself a pat on the back and know that tomorrow is a new day.

Mel xoxox

Master Key Experience Week 1 – What have I signed up for??

So, a couple of weeks ago a good friend (I am looking at you Lisa) shared with me a video about the Master Key experience. At first, I was not sure what it was, but after watching 3 intro videos I was extremely excited (and a little scared) to take on this 6 MONTH Course!!! Yep that’s right 6 MONTHS!!

Early Monday morning it all began! And boy was I feeling LOST!! So much to take in and do and I was feeling overwhelmed and questioning what I had signed up for. But as they say, you can eat an elephant one bite at a time and that is exactly what I did.

The Master Key Experience for me is all about ME! I am choosing to invest this time, 1 hour a day for ME! To improve ME, become a better ME and get a clear view of what I want from life and take those steps to make my dreams a reality!

We are given weekly and daily task and to be honest I had no idea how I was going to get them done. Changing the way I was thinking about it gave me freedom to find the time to do them. One of the tasks is to write a weekly Blog, so strap yourselves in and if your game, join me for the ride!! I’M BACK!!! Putting my Blog to good use!! A weekly Blog post for me is reasonably easy and do-able, I enjoy writing, that’s why I started the Blog in the first place, writing consistently is something I did not do but I am looking forward to that.

Our daily task was what was the most challenging for me, I have a very active 4 year old and finding (or making the time) to read & sit still for 30-40mins a DAY, I was like, Holy Moly how and when am I going to do that. And then I realized I am doing this for ME! And I am worth finding/making the time to do this!! So that is exactly what I did!! After making the decision to just do it and make the time for me the next biggest challenge was the evening Readings. I am to read a Scroll from ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’ by Og Mandino of an evening right BEFORE I go to sleep.

To make reading the LAST thing I do before going to sleep. Now for me that time before sleeping was like “me” time, I scrolled Facebook, Insta, Emails anything I needed to catch up on. I needed to become disciplined and this was probably the hardest part, BUT we are 5 days in and I am actually enjoying the ‘No Screen Time’ right before bed/sleep and I am looking forward to it becoming a new habit.

So, here’s to creating new, healthy habits and the start of my 6 month journey.

Mel xoxo


10 things you probably don’t know about ME!

I feel like EVERY Blog starts with the same ‘I know its been SO long in between posts, life just keeps getting in the way’ But seriously this time it has been a LONG time between posts. So I’m hoping you are all still there following along and haven’t left me yet.

Today I thought I would go with something easy, just to get the ball rolling and I’m hoping it might make you laugh or keep following me even though its been MONTHS between posts.

So here goes….. 10 things you probably don’t know about me! In no particular order at all.

Number 1 – I’m a MASSIVE Harry Potter Fan Harry Potter Castle

Yep, I’ve read the books multiple times, I’ve watched the movies SO many times that I could seriously watch them on mute and still know what they are saying. I’ve been a fan from the start. And yes I was one of those crazy fans purchasing the new books on Pre-sale and then lining up at the bookshop on release day to pick up the NEWEST book!!! And Yep I was at the OPENING night of ALL the movies and now that the Harry Potter craze has extended over to the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ I’m right there with all the other fans, waiting for November 14th for the second one to come out!

Harry PotterWatching the Harry Potter movies is like going to my ‘happy’ place, I could watch them day and night, all of them or just the same on repeat, doesn’t matter to me. If I want to ‘Veg’ out and not really think or take time out for its ‘put a Harry Potter movie in’ and I’m kicking back relaxing. If only Miss 2 would enjoy them as much as I do I wouldn’t be watching Ice Age for the 6th time TODAY!

Number 2 – I was a Dancer Me dancing

Yep, that’s me over to the right, I think I was about 2ish here. At this age I wasn’t really dancing as such, more pushed on the stage to sit there and look cute while the bigger kids danced. But this was the start of my Dancing and continued on until I went to University. Was I great at it, probably not, I was more the average dancer, did it for fun and fitness and social. I made some wonderful friends through dancing and as much as some times it felt like a chore, I did enjoy it.

I was a little sad to give it up when I did but it was what I had to do because I was travelling to Uni and to be frank, as I got older so did the other’s and along came the cattiness, which is TOTALLY NOT me. I look back on my dancing years as something happy and fun.

Number 3 – My Favourite Band – Spice GirlsSpice Girls

Yep, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want….. for the Spice Girls to tour AUSTRALIA so I can see them LIVE! That is like a dream of mine! Spice Girls were big during my teenage years and as dancer, my friends and I spent HOURS making up our own moves to their songs. And yes we were even THE SPICE GIRLS! I was Sporty Spice (Mel C) which if you know me know does NOT resemble any form of me! I am not sporty in any way! But back to the Spice Girls, seriously they are the best! Their ‘Greatest Hits’ CD still sometimes makes an appearance on road trips (well before Miss 2 came along anyway, now its her Teeny Tiny Stevies CD on repeat in the car)

Number 4 – My Favourite Vegetable – Brussels Sprouts Brussels Sprouts

Yes, yes I’m ‘THAT’ person that actually enjoy eating Brussels Sprouts. As a kid it was the best, I sat next to my older sister at dinner time and she did NOT like them and would give me hers. I just don’t understand how people don’t like them. My Grandma would cook them often when I went over there for lunch and she would always give me extra because she knew how much I liked them. Best way to eat them: steam them until they are soft but still a little crunchy then add some butter and garlic, mix them for the butter to melt and then eat them. Delicious!

Number 5 – I’m old school & LOVE my Paper Diary Diary

I don’t understand how people can use their Calendar on their phone as their Diary. How do you book appointments in while your ON your phone?? I don’t get it! Give me my Old School Paper Diary and I am one happy Mumma organising our lives. I have been like this for my entire life. A few years back (before Miss 2 came along) I always said if I lost my diary I would have NO idea what to do. It will be the first material thing I grab as we are getting out of our burning house. Others might grab photos or paperwork or wine or their favourite painting, but not me, it would be my diary.

Number 6 – I’m an Oil-er Young Living Essential Oils

I LOVE using Essential Oils and I LOVE using the BEST Essential Oils, which are Young Living Essential Oils. Growing up my mum used Essential Oils on us for a few random things, but then as we got older she stopped. About 2 or 3 years ago a friend introduced me to Young Living and I just had to be apart of it! If you want the BEST Oil’s you need Young Living. They have an amazing Seed to Seal policy which delivers the purist oils you can get. Since joining Young Living we have been able to cut ALL bad chemicals out of our home and lifestyle and it’s absolutely amazing! We use them for EVERYTHING in our house. To help with sleep, motivation, calming, staying healthy and well, for fun, cleaning and so much more. Do I have a favourite Oil??? Nope, that is like asking a Mum if they have a favourite Child.

If you also want to add Essential Oils into your family and home to can check out the Young Living Essential Oils and other products at our personal website www.myyl.com/mbsleeman

Number 7 – Disney Movies are the BEST Disney Castle

I’m a HUGE Disney movie fan, mainly the children’s animated ones. I LOVE it when Disney releases a NEW movie, I’m there at the Cinemas watching it, sometimes I will bring along a niece or nephew so I’m not an adult going to a kids movie but then sometimes Brendan and I would just go to the 8.30pm screening of it, along with the other adults who want to watch it in peace, without the kids.

We own quiet a few of the Disney movies and a life goal of mine is to one day own them ALL! What a collection that will be. Our Disney collection is slowly growing (especially when they have the buy 1 get 1 free offer).

Number 8 – I enjoy Baking Cake

I really enjoy Baking, not cooking. The difference??? Cooking is cooking Tea, lunch all those boring things. I enjoy BAKING, so sweets, cakes, slices all the yummy things. The things you can be creative with. Desserts are what I like doing, finding something different and new to bring to Christmas/Easter lunch is what I enjoy. It’s funny really, I enjoy baking cakes and sweets but I don’t always eat them.

Number 9 – I love to read Jodi Picoult Books

Give me a good book, somewhere comfy to sit and I could sit there for days reading. I have loved reading even as a teenager. I would go to bed and read until I was told to turn my light off and go to sleep. That love has continued in my adult life although I don’t get to read as much now as I would like too and it doesn’t help when Miss 2 likes to take my book marks out of my books. My favourite Author would be Jodi Picoult, I enjoy her writing style and she writes about topics that you can relate too. I have just purchased her most recent book, A Spark of Light and I’m excited to be able to take small moments while Miss 2 is occupied to read it. It may take me 12 months to read it, but I will read it, eventually. If you have any suggestions of good books to read, please pass them on. As well as reading books I love to buy books. Another dream of mine is to have a Library in my home of all the books I love, or books I still need to read.

Number 10 – I’ve never dyed my hair – NEVER hair

Yep that’s right, I’ve NEVER dyed my hair, not ever, not even once. When it comes to my hair, I’m quiet lazy. If it’s not for my hairdresser continuing to book ‘my next appointment’ I just may never get around to it. Hair care is not my thing. That could be why I went short a few years back, because it’s easier to maintain and manage.

So that is 10 things you probably don’t know about ME! I hope you enjoyed reading them and please don’t judge me 🙂

Until next time, I hope you have a fabulous day.

Mel xoxoxo

Hearty Chicken & Veggie Soup

Soup.jpgWinter definitely feels like it is here early this year, and with Winter comes delicious Winter Soups. I just LOVE this time of the year and I could seriously eat Soup all day and everyday during the cooler months. I find it sometimes hard to find delicious new soup recipes without having to go through the not so great ones. So I thought I would share with you a NEW favorite I came across. This recipe came from Brendan’s Dad, who also loves a good hearty Soup. We have enjoyed it in our house over the past couple of days and I hope you enjoy it just as much. If you make any adjustments to it please let us know what you did differently so we can all try them out.

Hearty Chicken & Veggie Soup


  • 2 tablespoons Oil
  • 1 Onion – thinly sliced
  • 2 Garlic Cloves – crushed
  • 1 Carrot – diced
  • 2 Celery Sticks – diced
  • 2 Zucchini – diced
  • 1 1/4 cups Soup Mix
  • 8 cups Chicken Stock (liquid)
  • 1 kg Chicken Legs – skinless (I used drumsticks but you could also use Maryland)
  • 45g Chicken Noodle Instant Soup
  • 420g can Creamed Corn

What to do:

  1. Heat oil in a large saucepan over medium heat
  2. Add onion & garlic & cook, stirring, for about 2 minutes or until soft but not brown
  3. Add carrot, celery & zucchini and cook for another 2 minutes
  4. Stir in soup mix, stock, chicken, chicken noodle soup & creamed corn
  5. Increase the heat to high & bring to the boil
  6. Then reduce heat to low & simmer, partially covered, stirring occasionally for 1 hour or until soup mix & vegetables are tender
  7. Remove chicken legs from the soup and allow to cool slightly
  8. Remove meat from bones and roughly chop meat
  9. Add meat back into the soup
  10. Season with Salt & Pepper and serve with crusty bread

**** If soup is too thick for your liking add 1 cup of water while cooking ****

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we have.

Mel xoxox


DIY – How to Make Moss Balls

DIY – How to Make Moss Balls

Moss Balls bring a dose of green into your home. They also make a wonderful hand-made gift and look lovely hanging in windows. Aside from being a little messy, they are relatively easy to make and you could use a combination of plant/herb options.

During the School Holidays last week my sister and I made a trip to Bunnings to get some Pots and Orchid Potting Mix to re-pot my Orchids. But while we were there we got distracted and decided we would give making Moss Balls a go. So after some quick researching we left Bunnings equipped with all we needed to give this ‘Moss Ball’ thing a go. We couldn’t find any cute succulents so opted for Herbs. After making a mess and coming out successful with 2 cute looking Rosemary Moss Balls, I decided WE (I seriously do NOT have a Green Thumb & was as surprised as my sister was, when mine actually worked) would make some more for my Mother in Laws Birthday – which was in two days. So back off to Bunnings I go to collect more supplies and we set off on making more Herbed Moss Balls. And this time we took pictures so I could share them with you all. We used Herbs in our Moss Balls but you could use any cute little plant, succulents may work better than herbs because they require less water. So if you have access to some cute succulents maybe give them a go, as they may survive longer.

What Do You Need???

Peat Moss (you can purchase this from Bunnings)

Sphagnum Moss (also found in Bunnings)

Ferns/Herbs/Succulents or any other similar small plant



Gloves (it gets a little messy & there are some prickles in the Sphagnum Moss)


Let’s Get Started

First Up

Remove as much soil from around the roots of your chosen herb/plant/ succulent, being careful not to tear apart the roots. Keep the soil you are removing in a bowl because you will need it for your balls.



Add a small handful of the Peat Moss to the bowl with your soil, give it a littlee mix and then SLOWLY add a little water and mix until you get like a wet sand consistency and when moulded into a ball it stays firm.


Then the FUN begins

Now gently pack the soil around the roots of your herb/plant/succulent until it’s about the size of a cricket ball. This is NOT your final size as we have a few more layers to go, so if you want a large one make it bigger than a cricket ball and if you want it small then go smaller


Its Moss Time

In another bowl or bucket put some of the Sphagnum Moss in it and add water until it is soft and wet, we found having the Sphagnum Moss wet made it much easier to work with. Once it is all wet and soft cover your Moss Ball with the Sphagnum Moss. This step is definitely messy and can be a bit tricky. One little tip we found handy was once you have your Sphagnum Moss all over the Ball grab a piece of string and tie it around the moss ball a couple of times to hold it in place.

More Soil & Moss

Now go back to your bowl of Soil and we are adding another layer of soil, again a little tip – we found it much easier to add this next layer of soil if the soil is a little wetter than the first layer, so add some extra water to your soil. If your running low on soil add a little extra Peat Moss to the bowl and mix it in. THEN another layer of the Sphagnum Moss over the top and you will DEFINITELY need to have the string handy. We pre-cut pieces of string to about 1-2 metres long so they were ready to go. As you add the Sphagnum Moss if it’s not quiet holding enough this is where you can use the string to hold it in place, you will need to make sure the entire ball is covered in Sphagnum Moss.

String Layer

Now you will need to cover your Moss Ball in string to hold it firm and in place,we squeezed our ball to release the extra water and you will want to tie the string quiet tight. You can add as little or as much string as you like depending on how covered you would like it. You can also add a splash of colour here by using some twine/cotton or builders string in whatever colour you would like. We chose to keep it neutral with just the brown string colour. I found this step a bit awkward and needed an extra pair of hands but my sister was able to do it on her own. Isn’t she clever.

If you would like to hang your Moss Ball like us, we cut two really long pieces of string, found the centre of both of them and tied them in a knot together, we did this twice so that the knot wont move. Then place this knot at the bottom of your Moss Ball, grab one of the strings and loop it under one of the string’s that have been tied around your Moss Ball a couple of times to hold it in place, it’s best to choose a string close to the top of your Moss Ball (the plant) so it will hold it in place more securely. Repeat this with the other three pieces of string, so that you have one kind of on each side (I know it’s a circle and doesn’t have sides, but you know what I mean) and it’s all ready to hang and look after.



And you are all done, Congratulations you have your very own Moss Ball.


How to Look After Your Moss Ball:

Now this is the part where we don’t really know much about because we have only just made ours (and I’m really not a green thumb, so mine will probably not live for as long as yours, especially considering mine is still hanging on the tap where I put it after we made them last week)

BUT I have done a little research and some helpful hints I have found to help keep yours thriving include:

  • When your Moss Ball feels dry, you can simply dunk it in water or water it like a plant – keep in mind that the water may drip everywhere so you may like to leave it outside for a little while before hanging it back inside.
  • If you do hang it make sure the nail or hook you use can handle the weight of not just the Moss Ball but the Moss Ball FULL of water!
  • Your Moss Ball SHOULD live for as long as it would live in a pot, but please don’t hold me to that.

If you do choose to make a Moss Ball I would LOVE to see some pics and hear how it goes. Mel xoxoxo



Life with a Todder – Relaxing Shower

I know it has taken me a little while to write my next post, maybe it was because after FINALLY setting everything (well I think everything) up I just went ‘right that’s done, now what?’

So after spending a couple of days thinking ‘what do people want to read/hear about?’ I just went who cares what I write I just need to write!

So here is my first ‘Life with a Toddler’ series because I’m sure there is going to be MANY more Life with a Toddle Stories, so lets just create its own category so we can find them easily for future reference.

Yesterday afternoon as I was trying to organise tea with a cranky, tired 18 month old at my feet crying and demanding to give her MORE sultanas I was almost at breaking point. Tea was minutes off being ready when I rang Brendan to find out where he was, only to be reminded that he wasnt going to be home until 7pm (which I had clearly forgotten). Oh a little back story, Wednesday night I went along to my regular Reformer Pilates class, which straight after the Easter Break may not have been a great idea, fast forward to the night in question and my muscles are sore and achey ( I don’t think that is a word but I’m using it anyway) I have a cranky 18 month old and Brendan is still an hour away.

So off the two of us go to have a shower. Now in my head I’m thinking a lovely relaxing shower, wash my hair, do a face scrub, hot water all those lovely things you look forward to when showering withOUT kids. First obstacle – Miss M does a little wee on the bathroom floor- which was ok because it could have been worse if it was on the carpet. Any way, throw a towel over it and in we hop. Next is trying to wash my hair without knocking over the cranky kid, still while trying to have a relaxing shower, can you see where it has all gone wrong for me? Yeah I couldn’t for sure, UNTIL….. we both end up sitting on the floor of the shower playing with the toys that permanently live at the bottom of our shower now.

So what is one to do? Turn up the temperature of the shower so we don’t freeze and just enjoy the moment playing and being there with Miss M. And you know what, even after my dream relaxing shower didn’t go as planned, I did get out of the shower feeling more relaxed and my muscles were much nicer.

What did I learn from this experience? That until our children move out there will be no such thing as a Relaxing Bath or Shower and that I should just get used to it because I know there will be plenty more.

Until next time, have a wonderful day.

Mel xoxoxo


Picture: Sourced from Google