Press Release

28th October 2030

And yet another successful #MasterKeyMember Journey

Ten years ago, Melanie Sleeman joined the Master Key Experience which changed her world for the better. From growing her Network Marketing business, to paying off her family home and building an investment portfolio, to travelling the world with her family. I had the pleasure to chat with Melanie last week about her Master Key Journey and how it changed her life.

In 2020 Meanie was introduced to the Master Key Experience (MKE) program by a close friend who also took part in the 6-month course. The MKE is all about learning how to access the power that lies within and to think for yourself.

In the early weeks of the course Melanie shared that they did a lot of soul searching to create their Definite Master Purpose or DMP. She described her DMP as being her reason to live, what she genuinely wants from life and when she wants it by. Putting pen to paper was something Melanie struggled with in the beginning but as time progressed and she started to access the power within her, she soon found her DMP and what her heart truly desired.

For Melanie, MKE was the turning point in her life, she became focused on what she wanted and determined to achieve all she desired because she discovered she COULD have it all and was worthy of having it all.

As I sat with Melanie in her family home she spoke of her dreams of one day having an investment portfolio that she could pass onto her children, this dream Melanie had, has since become a reality from her successful completion of the MKE course. She said ‘MKE changed my life, it allowed me to fully accept who I am and discover what I wanted from life. It then helped me to develop good habits to go out and chase my dreams and make them my reality.’

Next month Melanie and her family are heading off on a dream holiday of theirs. They are travelling around Europe for 6 weeks and intend to visit as many countries as they can and live in the moment of each day. They will be travelling around Europe by car, train and even boat to fully experience all that Europe has to offer them.

All her dreams of having the liberty to travel and build her investment portfolio came true due to her hard work of building her MLM business to a point where Melanie and her family can live comfortably while enjoying life to the fullest. Melanie believes all of this would not have been possible if it weren’t for the MKE course all those years ago.