Welcome to my FIRST Blog


After many months of being told by a close friend that I should write a Blog, I decided to jump in and do it…. THEN the hard part started, it has taken me weeks to figure out what self hosting, domain names and SO many other things related to ‘Blogging’ mean, and then I had to choose WHO I would Self Host through and buy my Domain Name through. All I can say is now that it is finally done I need a BEER!!!!

So today I thought I would bite the bullet and just start, which I did and it has taken me ALL late morning/afternoon with a cranky 18 month old to get my ‘Blog/Website’ to look a little professional and not like a 13-year-old has thrown it together.

I guess I should introduce myself and my gorgeous family. I’m Melanie, a wife to Brendan and a Mum to Mahalia, above (I hope our picture is above, if not look below, to the right/left or where ever the picture is) is our most recent family selfie taken which was from February 2018 when we went on our first overseas trip as a Family of 3 to Kuala Lumpur. It was the last day and we were about to head to the airport to come home so excuse the tired looks on our faces.

I’m not just a Mum, like many of you “Mum’s” out there we are seriously a Jack of ALL trades. We run households, errands, coordinate our families, we are nurses, mothers, wives, friends, sisters, daughters, granddaughters, daughter in-law and the list goes on……

On top of being a ‘Mum’ I’m an Entrepreneur, Brendan and I are involved in Multi Level Marketing, this is a NEW Venture, only 18 months young. Yep if you are cleaver enough to pick it up, I have an 18 month old AND 18 months ago we joined the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) World. I don’t do things in halves. The Company we are involved with is Young Living Essential Oils. You can check it out at our website www.myyl.com/mbsleeman

Until next time, have a wonderful day.

Mel xoxox