Week 12 – I am a Lion!

This week for me, I have found a lot to fall into place and go ‘ah-ha’ that is why we are doing this and that. I think it is also that this weeks Hannel reading is something I have honestly believed, something I have known and worked on for my entire adult life.

Hannel reads ‘Things are created in the mental or spiritual world before they appear in the outward act or event.’ For me I read this as, your thoughts are the drive behind what comes your way in life. If you are thinking positive thoughts, positive things will come upon you, and on the flip side if you have negative thoughts you will attract negative things or situations to you.

This is where you must literally ‘take out the trash’ of your thoughts. If you are going for a promotion at work and you are thinking you are not good enough for it, then you are totally right. You will NOT get that job, because what you think about, you bring about!

Hannel also writes ‘it is necessary to center your mental force upon a specific thought and hold it there.’ Going through the MKE program we have been creating our DMP and our FOCUS is all about our DMP. Why? Because when we center our mental focus upon a specific thought and hold it there, we will manifest it to become true. Wouldn’t you want what your heart truly desires? If you are swapping and changing your focus/thought/dreams or goals every other day how will you manifest it to bring what you truly desire? If you have scattered focus you will accomplish nothing!

Also, this week I have noticed in myself I am reacting differently to situations. There was a situation that arose, that in the past I may have acted differently, but the MKE program I am noticing is helping me to change the way I think and react in a positive and healthy way.

When this situation unfolded, I felt myself referring to Scroll III of ‘The Greatest Sales in the World.’ The sentence that I found myself embracing was ‘I am a lion and I refuse to talk, to walk, to sleep with the sheep. I hear not those who weep and complain, for their disease is contagious.’ I refuse to be taken down by the “sheep” because I am a Lion and this sheep wanted me to join them, when all they were doing was weeping and complaining and I realized I am ABOVE that now and I am a LION!

I no longer have time for the “sheep” in my life and I feel FANTASTIC about it! I am a LION, and I am a warrior! I am in control of my thoughts and I am changing my OLD blueprint!