Week 17 – Imagination

This week my virtue in the Franklin Make Over is Imagination. At first, I thought this would be easy, I have a 4-year-old daughter with a vivid imagination, she plays games, she has an imaginary pet dog, cat, and every other animal

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possible. I have seen so much imagination in her just while she is playing that I have lost count.

It has taken me until today to think about how I can see imagination in Adults. As children we have vivid imaginations, we play, we have imaginary pets & friends and we use it constantly, but as we grow our imagination is put to the side, we do not use it as much or if we do, we keep it to ourselves.

Which then got me thinking how do we as adults use or see imagination? And while I was driving home it hit me. We daydream, our daydreams are our imagination at play. So now that I was aware of this, I can count the times I find myself daydreaming as imagination.

And then when I sat down to write this blog, I did a quick google search to find the Dictionary meaning of imagination. Hold on to your hats people this is where it gets interesting. For the last 17 weeks we have been told by Mark and the MKE team to look up the words we are reading in the dictionary to find out their true meaning. And for the first time in 17 weeks, I did that, and my mind is BLOWN!!!!

Imagination – ‘the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses.’

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And now my mind is completely BLOWN!!!! And it all makes sense! I was questioning why the MKE team would want us to focus on Imagination for an entire week, but I am one to trust the process and that is exactly what I was doing UNTIL I read the above meaning for Imagination and I went ‘Holy crap that is exactly what this course is about’ I could not have written a better description of the MKE course if I tried.

The MKE is all about forming new ideas, images, or concepts of external objects not present. Our DMP is literally that! Forming images of external objects not yet present, that is imagining our future as if it is happening right now! When we are writing our DMP we are to write it in the present tense because our subby knows no different, so if we are reading it in the present tense it is as if we are living it now. We are reading it and using our imagination!

I told you it was Mind Blowing!!!