Week 6 – Procrastination

Let us talk procrastination…. We ALL do it; some are better at it than others 😊 This week on our weekly webinar we discussed procrastination, and this was a ‘light bulb’ moment for me. I have been known to procrastinate on MANY occasions…. Just have a look at my blog, we are required to submit our weekly blog by Friday night, I am seriously sitting down at my laptop on Friday at like 8pm to work on it and get it published! Because I know I NEED to do it as it is due!! For me that’s procrastination. I have had ALL week to do it and I just DON’T!

During our weekly webinar a quote that stood out for me was ‘All we are doing is giving problems to our future self.’ And HOLLY MOLY, how true is this? I have never looked at it this way before and it totally changes my perspective on procrastinating. To the point that when I find myself doing it, I am going to call it! I call BS and I am going to go and DO IT NOW! Why? Because my future self will not only Thank Me for Doing It NOW, but I also will not be ADDING MORE things to my future self’s ‘To Do’ list!

I’m a HUGE list writer, I write lists for EVERYTHING, I love the satisfaction of crossing the task off when its completed and the joy of throwing the list in the bin when its ALL finally complete. When my procrastination sets in, I find myself being ‘picky’ about which things on my list I want to do. OR I will start a whole NEW list just to avoid the task I do NOT want to do. But really what is that doing for me???

It is making my current self not accountable and creating extra work for my future self. I get the task done eventually and 90% of the time, I complete the task and go ‘that wasn’t so bad, why did I put it off for SO long?’ And WHY did I put it off? Because my Blueprint I have created tells me I do not want to do it, its going to be hard, I do not have the time, Ill do it tomorrow. ALL LIES!!! I call it! BS

My new Blueprint I am creating does not have time for procrastination. Procrastination will no longer that over my life! Will it be easy to change this? NO! Am I aware of what I am doing? Yes! But I know by taking the small steps of recognizing when I am procrastinating and changing what I am doing to what NEEDS to be done. I CAN and WILL overcome my old Blueprint of procrastinating.

Procrastination has no place in my new life. DO IT NOW is my new motto!