Week 7 – No body is perfect???

Why do we listen to this ONE sentence and think it is TRUE?? Who made the decision that it is the truth?  Aren’t we all perfect in our own ways? Isn’t that what makes us so special? To be unique and individuals?

I believe we are brought up in a society where we NEED to be perfect but everyone’s opinion on what perfect is, is SO completely different. Everyone has different expectations and needs but we are some how required to be “perfect.”

What is perfect?? If you asked 100 people you would get 100 completely different answers. You have as much chance as being “perfect” as you do catching a Unicorn!

Why can we not just accept that EVERYONE IS PERFECT! Everyone is perfect in their own unique way and we should all embrace that and support each other, rather than knocking others down to make us feel better about ourselves. And when did knocking someone else down be ok if it made US feel better about ourselves?

Perfect is defined as ‘make (something) completely free from faults or defects; make as good as possible.’ To make Something (us) completely free from faults or defects, isn’t it our faults and defects that makes us UNIQUE? Are they not the things that make us a stronger person, or a more positive person, they make us who we are today?

How does one be completely free from faults and defects? Even as a small child we are led to believe that we are not perfect and have our faults. Were you not told off as a child for doing something “wrong” isn’t that creating a ‘fault’ in our blueprint?

What would happen if we ALL strived to be the best we could be? If we all focused on doing what we know how to do, to the best of our ability? Wouldn’t that create a “perfect” world? Everyone in harmony with who they are and knowing that they are absolutely doing the best they can possibly do.

As a mum to a small child I am now aware of this and I will be doing everything I can to make sure she knows she IS PERFECT in her our unique and special way. Because people who grow up in a loving, caring, and supportive environment will grow into loving, caring and supportive adults and that is what I want in life. A world filled with loving, caring and support people.

What sort of person do YOU want to be? There is still time to BE that person.