10 things you probably don’t know about ME!

I feel like EVERY Blog starts with the same ‘I know its been SO long in between posts, life just keeps getting in the way’ But seriously this time it has been a LONG time between posts. So I’m hoping you are all still there following along and haven’t left me yet.

Today I thought I would go with something easy, just to get the ball rolling and I’m hoping it might make you laugh or keep following me even though its been MONTHS between posts.

So here goes….. 10 things you probably don’t know about me! In no particular order at all.

Number 1 – I’m a MASSIVE Harry Potter Fan Harry Potter Castle

Yep, I’ve read the books multiple times, I’ve watched the movies SO many times that I could seriously watch them on mute and still know what they are saying. I’ve been a fan from the start. And yes I was one of those crazy fans purchasing the new books on Pre-sale and then lining up at the bookshop on release day to pick up the NEWEST book!!! And Yep I was at the OPENING night of ALL the movies and now that the Harry Potter craze has extended over to the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ I’m right there with all the other fans, waiting for November 14th for the second one to come out!

Harry PotterWatching the Harry Potter movies is like going to my ‘happy’ place, I could watch them day and night, all of them or just the same on repeat, doesn’t matter to me. If I want to ‘Veg’ out and not really think or take time out for its ‘put a Harry Potter movie in’ and I’m kicking back relaxing. If only Miss 2 would enjoy them as much as I do I wouldn’t be watching Ice Age for the 6th time TODAY!

Number 2 – I was a Dancer Me dancing

Yep, that’s me over to the right, I think I was about 2ish here. At this age I wasn’t really dancing as such, more pushed on the stage to sit there and look cute while the bigger kids danced. But this was the start of my Dancing and continued on until I went to University. Was I great at it, probably not, I was more the average dancer, did it for fun and fitness and social. I made some wonderful friends through dancing and as much as some times it felt like a chore, I did enjoy it.

I was a little sad to give it up when I did but it was what I had to do because I was travelling to Uni and to be frank, as I got older so did the other’s and along came the cattiness, which is TOTALLY NOT me. I look back on my dancing years as something happy and fun.

Number 3 – My Favourite Band – Spice GirlsSpice Girls

Yep, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want….. for the Spice Girls to tour AUSTRALIA so I can see them LIVE! That is like a dream of mine! Spice Girls were big during my teenage years and as dancer, my friends and I spent HOURS making up our own moves to their songs. And yes we were even THE SPICE GIRLS! I was Sporty Spice (Mel C) which if you know me know does NOT resemble any form of me! I am not sporty in any way! But back to the Spice Girls, seriously they are the best! Their ‘Greatest Hits’ CD still sometimes makes an appearance on road trips (well before Miss 2 came along anyway, now its her Teeny Tiny Stevies CD on repeat in the car)

Number 4 – My Favourite Vegetable – Brussels Sprouts Brussels Sprouts

Yes, yes I’m ‘THAT’ person that actually enjoy eating Brussels Sprouts. As a kid it was the best, I sat next to my older sister at dinner time and she did NOT like them and would give me hers. I just don’t understand how people don’t like them. My Grandma would cook them often when I went over there for lunch and she would always give me extra because she knew how much I liked them. Best way to eat them: steam them until they are soft but still a little crunchy then add some butter and garlic, mix them for the butter to melt and then eat them. Delicious!

Number 5 – I’m old school & LOVE my Paper Diary Diary

I don’t understand how people can use their Calendar on their phone as their Diary. How do you book appointments in while your ON your phone?? I don’t get it! Give me my Old School Paper Diary and I am one happy Mumma organising our lives. I have been like this for my entire life. A few years back (before Miss 2 came along) I always said if I lost my diary I would have NO idea what to do. It will be the first material thing I grab as we are getting out of our burning house. Others might grab photos or paperwork or wine or their favourite painting, but not me, it would be my diary.

Number 6 – I’m an Oil-er Young Living Essential Oils

I LOVE using Essential Oils and I LOVE using the BEST Essential Oils, which are Young Living Essential Oils. Growing up my mum used Essential Oils on us for a few random things, but then as we got older she stopped. About 2 or 3 years ago a friend introduced me to Young Living and I just had to be apart of it! If you want the BEST Oil’s you need Young Living. They have an amazing Seed to Seal policy which delivers the purist oils you can get. Since joining Young Living we have been able to cut ALL bad chemicals out of our home and lifestyle and it’s absolutely amazing! We use them for EVERYTHING in our house. To help with sleep, motivation, calming, staying healthy and well, for fun, cleaning and so much more. Do I have a favourite Oil??? Nope, that is like asking a Mum if they have a favourite Child.

If you also want to add Essential Oils into your family and home to can check out the Young Living Essential Oils and other products at our personal website www.myyl.com/mbsleeman

Number 7 – Disney Movies are the BEST Disney Castle

I’m a HUGE Disney movie fan, mainly the children’s animated ones. I LOVE it when Disney releases a NEW movie, I’m there at the Cinemas watching it, sometimes I will bring along a niece or nephew so I’m not an adult going to a kids movie but then sometimes Brendan and I would just go to the 8.30pm screening of it, along with the other adults who want to watch it in peace, without the kids.

We own quiet a few of the Disney movies and a life goal of mine is to one day own them ALL! What a collection that will be. Our Disney collection is slowly growing (especially when they have the buy 1 get 1 free offer).

Number 8 – I enjoy Baking Cake

I really enjoy Baking, not cooking. The difference??? Cooking is cooking Tea, lunch all those boring things. I enjoy BAKING, so sweets, cakes, slices all the yummy things. The things you can be creative with. Desserts are what I like doing, finding something different and new to bring to Christmas/Easter lunch is what I enjoy. It’s funny really, I enjoy baking cakes and sweets but I don’t always eat them.

Number 9 – I love to read Jodi Picoult Books

Give me a good book, somewhere comfy to sit and I could sit there for days reading. I have loved reading even as a teenager. I would go to bed and read until I was told to turn my light off and go to sleep. That love has continued in my adult life although I don’t get to read as much now as I would like too and it doesn’t help when Miss 2 likes to take my book marks out of my books. My favourite Author would be Jodi Picoult, I enjoy her writing style and she writes about topics that you can relate too. I have just purchased her most recent book, A Spark of Light and I’m excited to be able to take small moments while Miss 2 is occupied to read it. It may take me 12 months to read it, but I will read it, eventually. If you have any suggestions of good books to read, please pass them on. As well as reading books I love to buy books. Another dream of mine is to have a Library in my home of all the books I love, or books I still need to read.

Number 10 – I’ve never dyed my hair – NEVER hair

Yep that’s right, I’ve NEVER dyed my hair, not ever, not even once. When it comes to my hair, I’m quiet lazy. If it’s not for my hairdresser continuing to book ‘my next appointment’ I just may never get around to it. Hair care is not my thing. That could be why I went short a few years back, because it’s easier to maintain and manage.

So that is 10 things you probably don’t know about ME! I hope you enjoyed reading them and please don’t judge me 🙂

Until next time, I hope you have a fabulous day.

Mel xoxoxo