Week 11 – I’ve dropped the ball

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This week I have realized that I have dropped the ball a little. Particularly with my ‘Service Cards’ I have not done them for a couple of weeks. Woopsy.

Now I could TOTALLY give you 500 reasons as to why I have dropped the ball and why it is ok for me to have done that, like its right before Christmas, we have been busier than normal, I have had extra things on but really all that matters is that I own it!

YES, I have missed doing my service card for the past couple of weeks BUT I will start again! I will just start them again and this time with MORE enthusiasm and passion, why? Because I know when I was doing it, it was serving me well and I now know I want MORE. So, if I want more than I am getting I need to do something DIFFERENT to get it because I am not getting it from doing what I have been doing.

My old self, my old blueprint probably would have given you the 500 reasons as to why I have dropped the ball and why it is ok for “me” to have dropped the ball and my old blueprint probably would have been ok with that and moved on. Moved on without owning it and without realizing it WAS serving me well and that its ok to have dropped the ball, but it is getting back into and starting again that is

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the NEW me!

So, my next step is get back on the horse and get back to my service cards because I want to create GOOD Habits!

7 Replies to “Week 11 – I’ve dropped the ball”

  1. I hate to admit it, but I am right there with you. Time to just create a service to get done by Sunday and get it done. I will feel better when it is done because I know I am creating good habits.

  2. Thanks for the blog post Melanie.
    We all sometimes drop the ball , and it’s ok to be aware and admit our mistakes. Glad you are getting back on track to be the best version of you ! 🙂

  3. And not taking the time to list out those 500 reasons saves a lot of time you can use for more rewarding activities! Cheering you on! 🙂

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