Week 15 – Best day of my Life

“I greet the new sun with confidence that this be the best day of my life!”

What a wonderful mantra to be reading and applying to your life every day. The above quote is from Scroll III from Og’s Greatest Salesman in the World and it the one sentence I have chosen to bring forward with me to read every day, 3 times a day when I sit to read Scroll IV this month.

To me it makes me smile and think ‘YES I am going to have the best day of my life’ and what better way to start the day than telling yourself you are going to have the best day of your life. Then at the other end of the scale every night when I read it, if my day has not been as great as maybe I had thought it reminds me to reflect and I remember the moments of the day that were good or the things I am most grateful for. So, whether I have had the best day of my life or a bad day, I end the end remembering and reflecting on the ‘best’ parts of the day and this makes me forget the bad moments and I smile, my heart feels full, I am grateful and I look forward to the next day.

Could you end your day on a more positive note? I do not think so. So go and have the best day of your life!

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  1. Melanie, good for you for choosing to have the best day of your life each day. From your blog rover friend John.

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