Week 2 – Finding My Feet

So, we are into Week 2 of the MKE and I am still trying to find my feet. Which is normal for me, it will take me a couple of weeks to find my groove.

This week I have continued to read Scroll One from ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’ by Og Mandino, which I am required to read 3 times a day. First thing in the morning, then after lunch/midday and then last thing of a night. Of an evening we need to read out loud. I enjoy reading, but I enjoy reading to myself, not so much out loud. BUT I have discovered that reading my Scroll out loud actually helps put little Miss M to sleep. I am not sure if it is because she finds it “Boring” (her words by the way) or if it is the fact that listening helps calm her and allows her to switch off. It may also be that we are not reading her favorite book ‘Hooray for Fish’ by Lucy Cousins. (NOW that book I can read to you right now without the actual book in front of me, that is how many times I have read it.)

Blue RectangleThis week we also had to list a ‘Chore’ we wanted to get done by the end of the week and we linked the chore a BLUE Rectangle. And throughout the day we were to look for Blue Rectangles that were all around us, like street signs, the sign at the Vet was a Blue rectangle, I am sure you get the picture. My Chore was to Vacuum our house, now this is a task I do not enjoy doing. I know I NEED to do it, but I put it off SO much and I know I should just do. Once it is done, I do love the feeling of my clean floors. Any way I got a little off track then, sorry. I personally hadn’t noticed any or many Blue Rectangles earlier in the week BUT what I did find is as soon as I had completed my chore, I saw them EVERYWHERE and I mean everywhere. What I found great about seeing them, is that when I saw them, I had the satisfaction of knowing that my chore was DONE. So, it was kind of like a little burst of happiness inside of me going off. It made me feel good and I was saying to myself ‘YES I did my chore’ and was even high-5’ing myself for a job well done. Now I completed my Chore on Wednesday, so since Wednesday, every time I’ve seen a Blue Rectangle I’ve been filling ‘my cup’ up with little words of encouragement and self-praise. I am sure you can imagine how good that has made me feel and I’ve been looking for Blue Rectangles just so I can give myself a pat on my back.

What have I got from this week? Well I have just realized while writing this blog entry that I need to give myself more of those ‘pats on the back’ because I know I am doing an amazing job and the best I can do and I know you are as well. So take a moment and give yourself a pat on YOUR back for that job well done, because I now you did the best you could and we need to praise ourselves MORE for the amazing work we do. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is. Hey, it may have been that your kids are all alive & fed today (we have ALL had those days). Give yourself a pat on the back and know that tomorrow is a new day.

Mel xoxox

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  1. You are right you are doing an AMAZING job, that clearly is confirmed by you knowing every word of “Hooray for Fish” – Love your story telling! ❣💗💪😍

  2. Finishing your chore, seeing even more blue rectangles, plus having “…a little burst of happiness inside of me going off…” when you see them–nice job linking all of that together! Love that you’re having fun with this and high-5ing yourself! Thank you for reminding us to give ourselves credit, and keep on filling your cup too! 🙂

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