Week 9 – What you think about you bring about

Part 9.11 in Haanel quotes ‘every cell in the body must manifest the truth as you see it. If you see sickness; they will manifest sickness; if you see perfection, they must manifest perfection. The affirmation, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”, will bring about harmonious conditions. The reason for this is because the affirmation is in strict accordance with the Truth, and when truth appears every form of error or discord must necessarily disappear.’

When I read this section, I was like ‘WOW’ I get it. This is something I have believed for some time, what you think about you bring about. If you think negative thoughts or think that bad things are going to happen to you, then you are CORRECT! Because what you think about, you bring about.

Whereas if you think positive, happy, and wonderful thoughts then you will bring about positive, happy, and wonderful things. Someone who lives their life in a constant negative state of mind may find that they are forever struggling, and bad things are happening to them. These people will play the blame game, it will never be their fault that these “bad” things are happening to them, but always someone or something else to blame for their misfortune, but in actual fact if they look within they will realize what they have been thinking is reflecting in their life.

I know this because I have been in that state of mind, it was not for a long period of my life but it was there and it was not until I took ownership of my thoughts, actions and self that I realized these “bad” things were no one else’s fault, they were because of my negative thinking. I was thinking bad things therefore bad things were coming my way.

Have you ever looked at that person who is just SO happy in life, wonderful things are happening for them, they just ooze positive vibes and you think to yourself ‘what do they have that I don’t? They have POSTIVE thoughts! They are putting positive thoughts and energy out into the world which is coming back to them 10-fold. They are living with LOVE in their heart and sharing that LOVE to EVERYONE they encounter.

I believe we can all Love a little more, be a little more positive and SMILE!!! A smile goes a VERY Long way, and you know what? It is FREE!! It is free to give and it is free to receive. But the thing with a Smile is it is contagious! When someone smiles at you, you will naturally smile back at you, and it is impossible to be grumpy when you are SMILING! Smiling at people we know is just as important as smiling at people we do not know. You are not walking in their shoes, you have no idea what is happening in their life at that point, but you can give them a smile and make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and that is a true gift to give.

So, remember to SMILE! In every situation, good or bad. Because it is the bad times when maybe the other person needs it. You just have no idea what is going on in their life.  😊

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